Work in Knowsley

Work for A1/One Call Taxis in Knowsley

At the moment, all applications for new private hire driver licences are being handled online only.

To begin your application for a private hire driver licence in Knowsley, you will need the following information and documents to hand:

  1. Title, first name(s) and surname;
  2. Full address and postcode;
  3. Contact telephone number and e-mail address;
  4. Whether you have EVER used previous names other than your current one;
  5. Date and place of birth and National Insurance Number;
  6. DVLA Driving Licence Number (including issue number);
  7. For private hire this must include the name of the intended Knowsley-licensed operator;
  8. Please note that all applicants for Knowsley MBC private hire driver licences in submitting an application automatically declare they understand that they can only work through Knowsley-licensed private hire operators if a licence is granted.

Or contact our Recruitment Team on 0151 480 7777 for guidance on how to get on the road.